The most effective trick to keep mosquitoes away from the balcony


1. Coffee Spray

Brew your regular coffee and dilute it with equal parts water. For an extra kick, splash in some vinegar.

Transfer this mixture into a spray bottle and mist it around your balcony, patio, or windows. This creates an invisible shield, keeping mosquitoes at bay.

2. Burning Coffee Grounds

After brewing, set aside the used coffee grounds and let them dry.

Once dry, put them on an aluminum foil-covered saucer. Ignite the grounds using a matchstick or a lighter. Ensure you do this safely.

While the coffee grounds won't produce flames, they will emit smoke, which mosquitoes find off-putting.

3. Coffee Grounds in Stagnant Water

Mosquitoes are known to breed in stagnant water, often found in plant saucers.

Sprinkle coffee grounds in these spots. Not only will it prevent mosquito larvae from thriving, but it also attracts mosquito eggs to the water's surface. Once there, they're deprived of oxygen and perish.

4. Coffee Mulch for Plants

Scatter coffee grounds over the soil in your plant pots.

This not only nourishes the soil but also deters ants and other tiny invaders. The bonus? Mosquitoes dislike it too!

So, the next time mosquitoes try to crash your balcony evening, let them know that it's coffee o'clock! Enjoy your evenings, mosquito-free, thanks to the delightful magic of coffee.