The most effective trick to keep mosquitoes away from the balcony


Balcony evenings during warm weather are simply blissful. Imagine setting up a table and having a quiet dinner, undisturbed. But then, the familiar buzzing of mosquitoes interrupts the serene moment.

While many of us resort to commercial repellents, sprays, and even electronic devices to ward off these pesky insects, the solution might be simpler than we think. The answer might just be brewing in our coffee pots!

Surprisingly, mosquitoes detest the aroma of coffee. Here's how you can leverage this to ensure mosquito-free evenings:

1. Coffee Spray

Brew your regular coffee and dilute it with equal parts water. For an extra kick, splash in some vinegar.
Transfer this mixture into a spray bottle and mist it around your balcony, patio, or windows. This creates an invisible shield, keeping mosquitoes at bay.
2. Burning Coffee Grounds

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