The Right Way To Restore And Season A Rusty Cast Iron Skillet


Investing in cast iron pans can significantly elevate your culinary adventures, promising a lifetime of hearty, well-cooked meals if they’re well-maintained. Here's a straightforward guide on how to refurbish, clean, and maintain your cast iron skillets, ensuring they remain stalwart companions in your kitchen adventures for decades to come.

Strip Away the Years

If you find your cast iron pan shrouded in accumulated layers of burnt seasoning, oil, and perhaps even rust, it's time for a rejuvenation. A key secret to stripping away years of accumulation from cast iron is using lye, a potent chemical that demands cautious handling to prevent burns. A popular product containing lye is Easy-Off, a renowned oven cleaner that works wonders on cast iron.

How to Use Easy-Off: 

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