What can I make with 1 lb of ground beef to feed 6 people besides spaghetti?


Ah, ground beef, the superhero ingredient that brings affordability, flavor, and versatility to our tables, especially when feeding a merry group of six! Sure, spaghetti often steals the spotlight, but the culinary stage is vast, my friends. Let's explore some show-stopping, appetite-satisfying alternatives that aren't just delicious but will have everyone swooning for more!

🌮 1. Taco Casserole Magic:

One word: Heaven! A casserole that sings the rich, spiced melody of tacos, all with a few tortillas and scrumptiously seasoned ground beef. Find the magic recipe here.

🍞 2. Hamburger Gravy on Toast - Comfort in a Bite:

For those cozy dinner nights, this hearty gravy made with browned ground beef and a luscious milk base, served over toast or mash, is a soul-hugging meal. Dive into the recipe here.

🌶 3. Chili - The Bowl that Brings Us Together:

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