With only 3 ingredients, make a unique and delectable potato dinner


They're a hit with all ages, especially kids, thanks to their crisp, crunchy texture and mouthwatering flavor: Hasselback potatoes are undeniably a splendid addition to any main course. But here’s a game-changing twist: you can effortlessly create them using your slow cooker! An ingeniously simple and stylish way to bring a bit of pizzazz to your midweek meals, accompanying sausages, chops, or fish with an elegant side.

Simply prepare your potatoes and let your slow cooker handle the rest with this straightforward recipe!

Slow-Cooker Hasselback Potatoes


5 medium potatoes, thoroughly scrubbed

1 stick of very cold butter

5 slices pepper jack cheese

Salt for seasoning (to taste)

Chopped parsley (optional)

Bacon bits (optional)


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