15 foods you should eat if you can't poop


Tackling digestive discomfort, a plight we've all faced, often boils down to dealing with constipation—a true adversary characterized by sparse bowel movements and strenuous stool passage. This condition can be the bane of our existence, arising from factors like inadequate hydration, insufficient activity levels, and certain health conditions. Yet, the food we consume is pivotal in safeguarding regularity and digestive well-being.

Let's delve into 15 foods that are your allies in this battle, offering relief from constipation and nurturing your digestive system.

1. Prunes:
Dubbed nature's own laxative, prunes are brimming with fiber and natural sugars such as sorbitol, which provide a mild nudge to your digestive tract, facilitating stool softening and transit.

2. High-Fiber Cereals:
Kick-off your mornings with high-fiber choices like bran flakes or oatmeal. Fiber gives your stool the bulk it needs for smoother travels through your digestive pathways.

3. Berries:

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