After a flesh-eating bug poisoned his body, Dad looks almost unrecognizable


Youtube/Real Stories

I don’t remember being in excruciating pain at this point, but my family remembers seeing me in absolute agony.”

His body has been infected with a flesh-eating bug and he ended up losing all of his limbs and some parts of his face.

Since he lost a great part of his skin, he had to seek a surgeon to fix it and became the first person ever to have surgery to cover both his top and bottom lips at once, with one single piece of skin.

After staying in the hospital for months he was discharged and was ready to face the new life in front of him.

Lewis realized that he can do so much more with life than he has done in the past few years. He was going to spend more time with his family and also help people who are physically impaired like him.


Lewis is a fighter and he should be celebrated for coming out strong and living his best life amidst all he has been through.