“Anyone know what this could be? I have found two piles of these … in my daughters’ room.”


Imagine this: you’re scrolling through your favorite homemaking and cleaning group on Facebook, and suddenly you stumble upon a post that stops you dead in your tracks. A homeowner, living in a rent house, posts a photo showcasing two piles of bizarre-looking brown stuff that seems to have appeared out of thin air. It’s not just any brown stuff—it’s coffee-ground-like in appearance but feels like shells. Uh-oh, talk about a puzzling predicament!

So, what does a curious homeowner do? They turn to the community for help, and that’s exactly what this homeowner did. The post garnered a whopping 150k reactions and over 7k comments. Can you believe it? It was like the entire group united to tackle this conundrum and provide some much-needed insights.

The suggestions started rolling in, and boy, were they diverse! It was like a whirlwind of theories and possibilities. Some homeowners thought it could be an ant nest playing tricks, while others leaned towards the possibility of mice poop. Termite droppings also made an appearance in the list of guesses. Imagine the homeowner’s surprise when pest control companies were just as clueless. Even the pros were scratching their heads!

But the plot thickened. Some homeowners even thought it resembled fly larva shells. Yes, you read that right—fly larva shells. The imagination was running wild, and this post turned into a wild ride of speculation and intrigue. And guess what? The homeowner kept updating the status with each twist and turn.

“I’m not letting my daughter sleep in there anymore,” she wrote, “We called TWO pest control companies, and both were baffled.” And the updates kept coming, debunking each possibility one by one. It wasn’t termites, not roaches, and definitely not mice droppings. Bats? Well, they were deemed “very unlikely.” With each update, the suspense was building up.

source: Facebook/Kelli Tarin

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