Beloved weatherman Al Roker has been absent from television since a serious health scare involving blood clots in his thigh that spread to his lungs and necessitated hospitalization.


Al Roker's Inspiring Journey of Resilience and Recovery. Al Roker, the beloved weatherman and television personality, recently took to Twitter to share an update on his ongoing recovery, expressing his heartfelt gratitude for the outpouring of support and well wishes from fans and viewers.

Roker's health journey has been one of openness and courage. He has faced several challenges, including surgeries for hip and knee issues, and a brave battle against prostate cancer. Despite these hurdles, Roker's spirit remains unbroken. His commitment to staying active is exemplified by his remarkable achievement of completing the Brooklyn Half Marathon, a testament to his resilience.

His colleagues from the "Today" show, including Hoda Kotb, Dylan Dryer, Craig Melvin, and Savannah Guthrie, have publicly rallied around him, commending his positive disposition even in the face of adversity. Their support underscores the strong bonds and camaraderie within the "Today" show team.

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