The bathroom will smell for a week: all your guests will want to know the secret


Baking Soda Base: Pour half a cup of baking soda into your chosen container. This household staple is excellent for neutralizing odors naturally.

Essential Oil Boost: Introduce a few drops of the essential oil to the baking soda. The scent you pick will set the mood—be it calming, refreshing, or energizing.

Blend Together: Mix the oil into the baking soda thoroughly. The baking soda acts as a carrier for the oil, slowly releasing the fragrance over time.

Strategic Placement: Put your container in a spot with good air circulation in the bathroom, like near a vent or a window.

Scent Renewal: Once the scent diminishes after about a week, simply reinvigorate it with a few more drops of oil. The baking soda remains effective for several refreshes before needing replacement.

Why this method works:

Baking soda is a known deodorizer, drawing in and neutralizing bad smells, while the essential oil imparts a continuous, pleasant fragrance. This combination offers a sustained scent solution without relying on artificial fresheners.

Additional Suggestions:

Feel free to experiment with various essential oils to discover the scent that speaks to you.

This DIY freshener isn't just for bathrooms—it's equally effective in bedrooms, closets, or any space that could use a fragrance lift.

Always keep the mixture out of reach of children and pets for safety.

With this easy and economical tip, your bathroom will maintain a fresh scent for days, and you might just find friends and family asking for your secret to a perpetually fragrant bathroom!