Why Do Oven Doors Shatter and How to Prevent It?


Faulty Glass: Imperfections or small cracks in the door glass can also lead to breakage, possibly stemming from manufacturing defects or damage during installation.

Physical Impact: Bumps or hits by heavy objects can crack or shatter the glass.

Installation Errors: Incorrect fitting of the oven door can induce undue stress on the glass, causing it to break.

Wear and Tear: As ovens get older, their parts, including the glass, can deteriorate and become more fragile.

To prevent your oven door from breaking:

Be Gentle: Avoid slamming the oven door and be cautious with heavy items around the oven.

Inspect the Glass: Regularly check for any defects or cracks in the door glass and address them immediately.

Professional Installation: Ensure that a skilled technician installs your oven to avoid misalignment and undue stress on the door.

Routine Upkeep: Maintain your oven regularly and have a professional inspect it annually to catch any potential issues early.

Should your oven door shatter, it's crucial to seek a professional repair service to evaluate and fix the problem. Adopting these preventative steps can safeguard you and others from danger, while also sidestepping expensive repairs or replacements. Always treat your oven with care and maintain it routinely to prevent door breakage