Apply toothpaste on kitchen knife, I was not expecting that


How to Sharpen Knives with Toothpaste:

Evenly apply toothpaste on both sides of the knife, being careful not to cut yourself.

Let the toothpaste sit on the knife for about a minute.

Take a deep bowl and turn it upside down. The edge of the bottom of the plate will act as a sharpening stone. Feel its roughness with your hands, essential for effective sharpening.

Sprinkle a tablespoon of salt on the bottom of the upturned bowl.

Add some vinegar and spread the salt around the edge of the plate.

Start sharpening the knife, paying attention to the technique: sharpen from top to bottom, in one direction only. Avoid sharpening back and forth.

Maintain a 20° angle between the knife surface and the bottom of the plate.

Repeat the procedure on both sides of the knife.

This method is quick, efficient, and powerful, allowing you to have knives as sharp as those of a professional butcher at home!