Don’t throw away your toilet paper rolls! Here are 12 ways to reuse them around the house


Toilet paper rolls are a common household item that often finds its way into the recycling bin. However, before you toss them aside, consider the numerous creative and practical ways you can repurpose these cardboard cylinders. From organizing to crafting, here are 12 eco-friendly and inventive ways to reuse toilet paper rolls around your home.

1. Cable Organizer:

Say goodbye to tangled cords! Use toilet paper rolls to organize and store charging cables, headphones, or any other cords you have lying around. Simply place a roll around each cord and label them for easy identification.

2. Seed Starters:

Get a head start on your gardening by using toilet paper rolls as seed starters. Fill them with potting soil, plant your seeds, and watch them grow. Once the seedlings are ready to transplant, you can directly plant the entire roll into the ground.