How to clean the stove eyes and get rid of blockages


How to clean the stove eyes and get rid of blockages

Every housewife faces a constant problem, which is cleaning the stove eyes, clogging the stove eyes, and not being able to clean it. She does not know what are the correct ways to get rid of the problem of clogged stove eyes, and she also does not know what is the correct way to clean it. Therefore, through this topic, we will present the methods of getting rid of it. From the problem of clogged stove eyes, as well as the correct way to clean the stove

Ways to get rid of clogged stove eyes and clean the stove eyes
1- One of the most important reasons for clogging of the stove’s eyes is the presence of a large amount of food residue on them and their entry into the eyes themselves. Therefore, you must clean the stove and the oven as well from food residue after finishing cooking. Leaving them will make it difficult for you to clean the stove later and will lead to boiling. His eyes are also clogged

2- White vinegar: The white vinegar method is a common and well-known method, where you can use a few drops of white vinegar and put it on the clogged eyes and leave it for a while, after which you will find that the clogged eyes begin to work well.

3- A thin needle: You can also clean the clogged eyes of the stove by using a thin needle or even a metal wire. You clean the eyes from the food residues accumulated on them first, then you insert this needle or wire into the eye to unblock it and unclog it, and thus these eyes will work. After that well

4- Vinegar and lemon: You can also use a mixture of vinegar and lemon to solve the problem of clogged stove eyes. Add some lemon juice and lemon pieces to the vinegar and add a little water to them. Then, using a brush, put this mixture on the clogged stove eyes and gas vents to be cleared.

Ways to properly clean the stove eyes to avoid clogging

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