"Lemon Peels - A Treasure Trove of Health Benefits"


To prepare, you'll need:

100 grams of lemon peel

100 grams of extra virgin olive oil (EVO)

The rule of thumb is that the amount of lemon peel should be about half that of the oil. The lemons must be finely sliced, keeping the peel intact while removing the white part. The peels should dry for about two days in the air or, ideally, in the sun.

The oil should be half the volume of the dried peels. This ratio is crucial if you're adjusting the quantities. Drying the peels prevents mold formation. Then, place the lemon peels in a sterilized glass container and pour enough oil to completely cover the peels. Shake the jar frequently to ensure the peels are always submerged.

Store the jar in a cool, dark place for a month. After this period, filter the contents, discard the peels, and store the oil in a very clean glass container.