“Orchids: The Gardener’s Trick to Keep Them Thriving for Years”


To revive an orchid, make it grow vigorously, and have healthy, robust roots, you can follow a method used by Asians. To start, simply take an orchid plant and clean the roots from the soil. Then, using scissors, cut off all the roots. After removing each root by hand, remove the excess leaves, leaving only a central stem intact.

After carefully washing the orchid and drying the remaining leaves with cotton, take some garlic and crush it in a mortar. The crushed garlic should then be placed at the bottom of a glass container. Add water to the garlic, which should then be filtered into another container. Then, the orchid should be placed in a glass, into which about a third of the garlic juice should be poured.

After leaving the small orchid in garlic juice for about twenty minutes, let the seedling dry in an empty glass. Meanwhile, take a small plastic bottle and cut off the lid to get a plastic cup. Then place the top of the bottle or neck at the bottom of the obtained glass.

Next, introduce the root of the small orchid into the bottle neck. After that, add some water to avoid wetting the roots. The water at the bottom evaporates over the hours, ensuring the right humidity. Every two days, it’s necessary to mist the orchid plant in the bottle with some water, and within a month, it quickly develops new roots and new healthy and robust leaves.

Tips for Orchids

Orchids should always be planted in transparent pots, as their root system needs a lot of light for development. Pots that ensure maximum oxygen supply and ventilation are suitable for orchids.

Orchid plants must be watered by immersing their pot in a basin of water. Since orchids do not tolerate chlorine, it’s better to spray and water them with rainwater or distilled water.

It’s better to place the orchid in humid places like the bathroom, kitchen, or a greenhouse. For an orchid to stay long in its place, it’s necessary never to expose it to sunlight, avoid waterlogging, and carefully prune the roots.

To get an orchid to bloom again, it’s enough to provide fertilizer and water in the right frequency, regularly check the leaves and clean them with a cloth or cotton. It’s very important to keep them in a well-ventilated place and at a temperature of no more than twenty degrees.