Quick and easy tips to defrost your freezer effectively


Quick and Easy Tips for Efficiently Defrosting Your Freezer"

A freezer consumes more energy when not regularly defrosted. A thin layer of frost, just 3 mm thick, can increase its electricity consumption by 30 to 40%. Moreover, around 70,000 cases of food poisoning yearly are attributed to poor maintenance and storage in freezers.

Defrosting your freezer at least once a month makes this task less time-consuming and more manageable, preventing frost buildup.

1. Using a Bowl of Hot Water:
Once you've turned off the power, place a bowl of hot water inside the freezer. The heat will help melt the frost. If the water is very hot and there's a risk of damaging the bottom of freezer drawers, use a coaster to protect them.

2. Employing a Kitchen Spatula:
For more stubborn ice crusts, if you can't wait for them to melt naturally, use a plastic or, preferably, a silicone kitchen spatula to remove them. Be gentle to avoid damaging the walls of the freezer.

After defrosting, wash and dry the interior of the freezer. You can also use a mixture of equal parts water and vinegar for cleaning.