Sprinkle a spoon on it and you will see the flowers and roots of the orchid grow uninterrupted


To help your orchids thrive, consider a natural fertilizer: activated charcoal. This simple yet effective remedy can rejuvenate sick orchids and prevent further diseases.

When to Suspect Orchid Illness?

Orchids, with their enchanting beauty, enhance homes and balconies. However, maintaining these plants can be challenging, especially when they fall ill or start deteriorating. Noticeable signs include rot in the plant or leaves, indicating urgent care is needed.

Natural Remedy for Unhealthy Orchids

If you spot rot, immediately cut off the affected part and isolate the pot to prevent spreading. Dry the rot area with absorbent paper and dispose of the waste safely.

Using Activated Charcoal

Crush natural, dry wood charcoal into a fine powder.

Apply this powder to the orchid's "wound" for faster healing and to prevent disease spread.

Sprinkle charcoal dust on the plant's soil too.

Isolate the orchid and avoid watering for a week.

Revitalizing with Activated Charcoal Water


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