Yes, baking powder cleans and makes tiles shine

You don't need expensive chemicals to clean your tiles. Let's delve into the secrets of my grandmother, a domestic fairy, on how to remove stains and restore shine and gloss to all terracotta tiles, be it white or black.

1 – Linseed Oil for Shiny Double Tiles

Some materials lose their luster over time, especially terracotta, cement, and ceramic tiles. Linseed oil is undoubtedly the best natural ingredient for maintaining these tiles. But be cautious: just a few drops on a clean cloth are enough to make the tiles shine without making them slippery. Let the oil absorb well into the floor before reapplying if necessary.

2 – Potato Cooking Water

Don't throw away the water after boiling salted potatoes. Instead, use it to clean your tiles. The starch in this solution absorbs grease stuck on the surface. This process is recommended once a month to maintain the tiles' shine.

3 – Black Soap for Multi-Surface Care

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