Homemade Lemon Soap Recipe: No Caustic Soda, Just Natural Ingredients!


Ingredients for Your Lemon Soap:

1 liter of Cold Water
2 bars of Glycerin Soap
50 ml of Alcohol
10 tbsp of Common Sugar
6 tbsp of Powdered Soap
Zest of 3 Lemons (grated)
50 ml of Alcohol Vinegar
Let's Make Soap!

Start by boiling 1 liter of water in a pot. Add the lemon zest and let it simmer for 5 minutes, infusing the water with a lemony scent.
While the water simmers, grate the glycerin soap bars for quicker melting.
After the lemon zest has infused, remove it from the water and turn down the heat. Slowly add the grated soap, stirring continuously until it fully melts.
Next, mix in the powdered soap and keep stirring.
Once the powdered soap is dissolved, stir in 10 tablespoons of sugar.
Then, add the alcohol and vinegar to the mixture. For an extra pop of color, feel free to add a few drops of your preferred dye - yellow or green would complement the lemon theme nicely.
Turn off the heat and pour the mixture into soap molds or any container you have. Allow it to cool and solidify for at least 6 hours.
After it's set, cut and shape the soap as desired.
Patience is Essential!
Before using your lemon soap, let it rest for about 5 days. This curing period enhances its effectiveness.

Voila! Your homemade lemon soap is ready. Enjoy a soap that’s not only kind to your skin but also leaves your clothes looking and smelling great. It's perfect for any fabric, from dark to bright colors. Embrace the joy of homemade soaping!