How to Clean Your Floors to Instantly Eliminate Cockroaches and Roaches from Your Home


In this guide, we’ll show you how to prepare a cockroach and roach repellent. Just a few tablespoons poured on the floor will send them scurrying away. Clean your floors in this manner, and you’ll permanently rid your home of these pests.

Cockroaches and Roaches: Why They Enter Homes

With the arrival of spring and the approach of summer, we not only welcome these beautiful seasons but also the influx of insects, including cockroaches and roaches, which begin to invade our homes. As the days warm up, these pests become more active. But why do they invade our homes, particularly in summer? These insects are active throughout the year, but their eggs hatch predominantly between March and April, making them especially active during spring and summer. They move through the city and into the warmest and most humid areas in search of food.

Often found in garbage bins or emerging from plumbing like shower drains, toilets, bidets, and sinks, these insects can be tough to keep out of our homes. However, we can protect ourselves by taking some precautions. The first step is to seal any plumbing passages leading into our homes and eliminate any food residues. After cooking, it’s essential to clean immediately and avoid leaving bags filled with food scraps in the trash. Fortunately, there’s a natural remedy that we’re confident will be effective against these insects.

Anti-Cockroach Vinegar

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