I made my mama's recipe tonight for dinner. One bite in, I'm instantly 10 yrs old again


Mama's Casserole Chops hold a cherished place in my heart, symbolizing my mother's incredible love and dedication to our family. Amidst her busy schedule, she created magic in the kitchen with her slow cooker. Imagine succulent chops layered with onions and tomatoes, all brought together with a homemade sauce of tomato sauce, Worcestershire sauce, brown vinegar, and beef stock. This dish was more than just a meal; it was a testament to her care and effort to provide for us.

These Casserole Chops were a symbol of my mom's resourcefulness and unwavering commitment. Each bite of these tender, flavorful chops reminded me of her sacrifices and the boundless love she infused into our lives. She turned simple ingredients into a culinary masterpiece, reflecting her strength and dedication in a way that remains unforgettable. Mama's Casserole Chops will forever remind me of her superhero-like qualities and her profound impact on our family.

Mama's Casserole Pork Chops Recipe


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