Learn how to plant mint in a pot and spread its scent around the house!


This step-by-step technique for planting mint will give your home a special scent. Check out the tips!

Our homes are, without a doubt, the place where we feel at our best. Although we don’t always spend as much time there as we would like, they are still our personal refuge, where we can rest after difficult days.

That’s why we often try to make them more and more “in our image”, be it through furniture, decorations and even the people we invite to spend time with us.

The older we get, the more we realise how good we can feel at home.

Especially since this pandemic, many of us have started to spend more time at home, the interest in looking after your home has started to increase, because we want to feel good at home.

And one of the favourite things that many people love when it comes to personalising their homes is plants, and there is a reason for that. Plants bring a bit of nature into our homes, making them more beautiful, cosy and comfortable, thus contributing to the décor and the feeling of well-being.

If you are a plant lover and are always looking for creative ways to integrate them into your environment, today we bring you a very interesting tutorial: planting mint in a pot.

When you plant mint in small pots, you can place it in different places and spread its refreshing scent around the house.

Here’s how to plant mint in a pot. Follow these steps:

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