Adding only water to cook rice is a common oversight: Permit me to impart to you the restaurant industry’s best-kept secret for improving flavor


4. Perfect the Liquid-to-Rice Ratio

The secret to perfect consistency lies in the liquid-to-rice ratio. Typically, two cups of water or broth are used for every cup of white rice, with adjustments made for brown rice or according to the rice type and desired texture.

5. Let It Rest

Restaurants know the importance of patience; they let the cooked rice sit off the heat, covered, for about ten minutes. This resting period allows the grains to firm up and finish steaming, preventing a sticky or soggy outcome.

6. Fluff with a Fork

For that final touch, fluff the rice with a fork. This technique separates the grains gently, ensuring a light and fluffy texture without turning the rice mushy.

By integrating these expert tips into your rice preparation routine, you'll transform this staple side dish into a standout centerpiece. Your rice will not only boast a richer flavor and perfect texture but will also impress your guests with its gourmet quality. Remember, it's the little things that make a big difference in the culinary world.