Apple plant: from seed to plant, how to grow it at home


Planting Sprouted Seeds

Prepare a Pot: Use a small pot, about 10 cm in diameter, filled with fresh soil.

Planting: Create a 3 cm deep hole in the soil's center. Place the sprouted seed root-down into the hole.

Water: Mist the soil generously with water and place the pot in a light area, still avoiding direct sunlight.

Seedling Care

Initial Growth: Within two days, the seed head should emerge, growing stronger and more visible by the day.

After Three Months: Expect to see a lush, small seedling in the pot.

Six Months: The seedling should be about ten centimeters tall and progressively getting larger and stronger.

Before Transplanting: The seedling needs to be robust enough for grafting before being transplanted outdoors.

Final Steps

After a few years of growth and proper care, your apple tree will begin to bear delicious fruits.

Tips for Success

Patience is Key: Growing an apple tree from seed is a rewarding process that requires time and patience.

Regular Care: Ensure the seedling and growing tree receive consistent watering, adequate light, and protection from extreme elements.

Research: Different apple varieties may require specific care or conditions. Research the type of apple seed you're planting for tailored advice.

Growing an apple tree at home is not just an engaging project but also an investment in your garden's future. With dedication and care, you'll enjoy the fruits of your labor—both the beauty of the tree and the taste of its apples.