Bathroom stays clean thanks to a simple trick: no more dirt, stains and bacteria


Toilet Cleaning: Pay special attention to the toilet seat and bowl.

Surface Polishing: Tackle soap scum and grease on surfaces for a shine.

Floor Cleaning: Don't forget the tile joints and the floor.

Deodorizing Drains: Keep pipes clean and odor-free.

Scenting: Finish by scenting your bathroom for a lasting fresh atmosphere.

Cleaning Bathroom Tiles with White Vinegar

To address limestone deposits on tiles, which create an unsightly white veil, white vinegar is your best ally. Its acetic acid content effectively dissolves limescale, leaving your tiles sparkling. Simply spray or apply white vinegar on the tiles and dry with a clean cloth without rinsing, neutralizing any odors and leaving a brilliant shine.

Removing Mould from Grout with Baking Soda

Combat mold in damp bathroom areas with a simple baking soda paste. Apply this mixture to the affected grout and let it sit for a day. Then, spray with white vinegar, scrub with an old toothbrush in circular motions, and rinse. This method effortlessly restores the grout to its original state.


Maintaining a clean and inviting bathroom is crucial for a comfortable home environment. By following these steps and utilizing natural cleaning products, you can easily keep your bathroom free from dirt, stains, and bacteria. This approach not only ensures a hygienic space but also supports a sustainable and health-conscious lifestyle. Embrace these simple yet effective cleaning techniques to enjoy a perpetually fresh and clean bathroom.