Garlic, Grated Ginger, Onion, Lemon Juice, and Honey: Just one teaspoon taken every day will leave you in awe


Battling flu symptoms like phlegm and chest congestion can be a real drag, but before you reach for over-the-counter meds, consider trying a natural approach that might just surprise you. If you're open to exploring alternative remedies, we've got a concoction that's been known to provide relief from the pesky symptoms of the flu. For those seeking a gentler approach, consuming three to four cups daily can ease coughing and congestion, while a single cup on an empty stomach may be enough for milder symptoms.

Natural Remedy Ingredients:

Fresh garlic, chopped or crushed
Fresh onion, finely chopped
Fresh ginger root, grated
Fresh horseradish, grated
Fresh cayenne peppers, sliced or chopped (seeds included for extra potency)
Preparation and Usage:

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