Ginger-Garlic-Lemon-Honey Elixir


Slice 3-4 cloves of raw garlic or one large clove of elephant garlic thinly to maximize water contact.

Slice or chop approximately an inch of fresh ginger.

Place the garlic and ginger into a quart-sized glass jar.

Boil about 1 quart of water and pour it over the garlic and ginger in the jar, letting it steep for about half an hour, or until the temperature drops below 115 degrees. This precaution ensures the honey retains its beneficial properties, as it loses them when heated above 115 degrees.

Juice 2-3 fresh lemons.

Stir in 1/4 cup of honey until fully dissolved.

This preparation is as simple as it gets. If someone is already feeling under the weather, sipping this elixir in small amounts can offer relief. It's best enjoyed at room temperature—refrigerating or microwaving can diminish its benefits. To stave off sickness, especially after being around others who are ill, consuming a cup or the entire jar over a couple of days is recommended. Just keep it on your counter and take a little each time you pass through the kitchen.

Embrace the natural healing powers of the Garlic Ginger Lemon Honey Elixir and fortify your health with every sip. This remedy stands as a testament to the potency of combining simple, natural ingredients for powerful health benefits.