Goodbye to mosquitoes for 3 consecutive months: even more powerful than insecticide


Coffee to repel mosquitoes

Did you know that even  stagnant water causes mosquitoes  to show up at your door uninvited and  lay lots of eggs  ? To avoid these unpleasant inconveniences, you can always pour  your coffee grounds into puddles or pools of stagnant water near your home.

Also pay attention  to the pots  : if you water the soil too much,  a residue of stagnant water can also form in the saucers that will attract mosquitoes and more to the house. If  you sprinkle a little coffee powder  or the same grounds on the soil of your plants,  you will not only prevent the appearance of mosquitoes  but at the same time  you will protect  your green jewels  from the attack of insects and parasites.

So,  with just one simple ingredient, you can create a  very powerful mosquito repellent  that can keep these annoying insects away from your home and off your skin.

Also try  lighting and placing aromatic citronella candles on balconies and terraces with the addition of 5 drops of lemon essential oil  . This is also another great remedy to say  goodbye to mosquitoes for 3 consecutive months.