Goodbye to mosquitoes for 3 consecutive months: even more powerful than insecticide


Goodbye to mosquitoes for 3 consecutive months: even more powerful than insecticide

Goodbye to mosquitoes for 3 consecutive months: with this solution you can say goodbye to these annoying insects permanently. You only need one ingredient to make a super powerful spray.

How annoying are mosquitoes? Is it possible that there is no  solution  to keep them away from our skin? We give you good news: yes,  there is a repellent that you can make naturally. You only need one ingredient.

Goodbye to mosquitoes with this ecological trick
The arrival of heat and summer also brings with it  the inevitable return of mosquitoes, the most hated insects in the world. Always ready to ring in your ears in the middle of the night or sting you when you least expect it,  getting rid of them is not easy at all  .

We know that you have made millions of attempts:  powerful sprays and repellents, citronella candles and  “magic” bracelets that promise to keep these insects away from your skin.

None of that worked, right? Don’t worry! We have  the right solution for you  that you have probably never tried. With this method you can say goodbye to mosquitoes for 3 consecutive months  : you only need this ingredient to solve your problem. The recipe you are going to make will be very useful not only to  protect you but also the plants. Here’s what you need to get and how you should do it.

The secret ingredient of a natural and powerful repellent
If you’ve tried every  repellent on the market that promises to keep  mosquitoes  off your skin, but to no avail, read on.

How annoying is the buzzing of these insects? But above all, how annoying is it to receive classic  mosquito bites  and not be able to do anything to  relieve the tingling and itching  ? The answer to these questions is, without a doubt, universal: a lot.

But prepare to be surprised. Today you will discover  a simple recipe to make  that will allow you  to say goodbye to mosquitoes  even for 3 consecutive months. You only need one ingredient that you will surely have at home: coffee!

Well yes,  coffee lends itself to being a powerful repellent  . Some scientific studies carried out in the United States have shown that  the very pleasant aroma of this brown powder is actually hated by some insects  and, in particular, by mosquitoes.

You can really use coffee in many ways  and all of them create  a powerful  natural repellent. Here are  some tricks that will save your skin and more.

The  first method  is to pour  2 tablespoons of coffee, 2 glasses of water and 1 tablespoon of white vinegar  into a nebulizer. Shake the compound well and spray it throughout the house, especially near windows, balconies and terraces: this mixture will create a kind of  protective wall that will protect your home from the presence of these annoying insects.

Even  coffee grounds  can be  particularly useful  , don’t throw them away next time because they can help you  make a powerful repellent. How are you going to use them?

Simply  let them dry in the sun  and, once dried or dry,  place them in a container on which, at the base, you will have placed a sheet of aluminum foil  . Very carefully,  burn the ground coffee with a match or lighter  .

Coffee to repel mosquitoes

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