How to grow coriander in pots so you don’t run out of it in your kitchen


Coriander, with its distinct aroma and myriad of health benefits, is a staple in kitchens worldwide. What could be more rewarding than stepping into your garden or onto your balcony to pick fresh coriander for your culinary creations? Growing coriander in pots is surprisingly simple, ensuring you never run out of this versatile herb. Here’s how to cultivate coriander effortlessly in your own space.

Starting with a Coriander Bunch:

Initial Setup: Purchase a fresh bunch of coriander from your local market. Fill a glass with water, about halfway, and place the coriander stems in it. This method kickstarts the rooting process.
Water Maintenance: Change the water regularly to ensure the stems have the hydration they need to develop roots.
Root Growth: In about a week to ten days, you'll notice small roots emerging from the stems. Once these roots have grown sufficiently long, your coriander is ready for potting.
Two Methods for Planting Coriander:

Method 1: Water to Soil Transition

Cut a 10 cm stem from the bunch and let it sit in a sunny spot until roots grow to at least 2 cm.
Plant this rooted stem in a pot filled with soil.
Method 2: Direct Soil Planting

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