Stop buying blueberries


Keep pests and birds at bay with a simple setup of bamboo sticks and food-grade netting to cover your bushes.

5. Prune for Longevity: With proper care, blueberry bushes can bear fruit for up to 20 years. Regular pruning is key to healthy growth, though it's important to note pruned bushes won't produce fruit that year. Having multiple bushes can allow for rotational pruning and continuous harvesting.

6. Harvest Time: Watch for the buds in early spring. By July, your blueberries should reach peak ripeness, indicated by their deep blue color. Wait until they're fully ripe before picking for the best flavor.

Embarking on your blueberry cultivation journey not only promises a bounty of delicious berries but also introduces a delightful hobby. Whether you have a sprawling garden or a modest balcony, growing blueberries is feasible and deeply rewarding. Spread the word and perhaps even inspire friends to join in on the gardening fun, ensuring a shared experience of growth, learning, and, of course, tasting.