All Women Should Know These 7 Clove Tips


Cloves, with their distinctive brown hue and sun-dried hardness, have been celebrated for over two millennia, initially in Asia, for their potent medicinal and culinary qualities before gaining acclaim in medieval Europe as a prized spice alongside pepper.

In the modern era, cloves primarily fuel the production of Indonesian cigarettes, accounting for 95% of global usage. The clove tree itself is delicate, fruiting only after eight years and seldom flowering, as buds are harvested pre-bloom and dried till they adopt their characteristic brown color.

Soothing Digestive Aid
A simple clove infusion can alleviate various digestive discomforts, including stomach aches and bloating. Steep 4 or 5 cloves in boiling water for about ten minutes to prepare this soothing drink.

Natural Solution for Fresh Breath
Combat bad breath effectively by sucking on a clove post-meal. This not only ensures fresh breath but is also beneficial for dental health.

Dental Pain Relief

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