Do you have such NODES on your NECK, BACK, or near your EAR


Adding Epsom salt to a warm bath can reduce swelling and promote healing, alongside offering relaxation.

Aloe Vera: Known for its skin-healing properties, applying Aloe Vera sap directly to the cyst or ingesting Aloe Vera juice can be beneficial.

Milk: A tea bag soaked in milk and applied overnight to the cyst can initiate the healing process when repeated over time.

Honey Paste: A paste made from honey, banana, and wheatgrass applied to the cyst and covered with gauze overnight can show positive results after repeated application.

Castor Oil: Applying warmed castor oil to the cyst and covering it with warm, moistened gauze can reduce its size significantly.

While epidermoid cysts are not typically a cause for concern, it's recommended to consult a doctor if they become infected. These natural remedies can serve as complementary treatments, offering a gentle approach to managing these cysts effectively.