How to get rid of mice at home quickly


For an immediate solution to drive a mouse out of an area like the kitchen, use the acidic nature of tomatoes. Slice a tomato in half and rub it on a spiral. Allow it to dry momentarily before igniting the spiral. The combination of the tomato's natural acid and the spiral's smoke acts as a powerful repellent. Place this near the suspected mouse location and wait for the rodent to flee.

4. Adopt a Cat

Cats are natural predators of mice. The mere presence of a cat, signaled by its scent through shed fur, can be enough to keep mice away from your home. This method not only provides a biological solution to your mouse problem but also offers the joy of pet companionship.

By implementing these methods, you can significantly reduce the likelihood of mice intruding into your living spaces. Remember, prevention is key—maintain cleanliness, seal food sources, and block entry points to deter mice effectively.