Put it in your house and you will never see flies or mosquitoes again – the natural remedy


2 tablespoons of cloves

2 bay leaves

½ cup of white vinegar

1 glass of water


Boil the Ingredients: Combine the water, cloves, and bay leaves in a pot. Bring to a boil and simmer for 10 minutes. This allows the insect-repelling properties of the cloves (rich in eugenol) and bay leaves to infuse the water.

Cool and Filter: Allow the mixture to cool down. Then, strain it to remove the solid bits.

Add Vinegar: Mix in the white vinegar. Vinegar further enhances the repellent properties and adds to the mixture's potency.

Ready to Use: Pour the final solution into a spray bottle. This versatile repellent can be used for cleaning surfaces or sprayed in areas where pests are most prevalent, such as dining tables, floors, or near windows.

This natural concoction leverages the potent properties of cloves and bay leaves to keep your home free from flies, mosquitoes, and ants without resorting to harsh chemicals. It's an easy, effective way to enjoy the changing seasons without the annoyance of uninvited insect guests.