Unveiling the Toilet Toilet’s Secret Weapon: Table Salt


Pour a Cup of Salt: Directly into the toilet bowl for an effective clean.

Wait: Allow the salt to sit for at least 15 minutes, or overnight for a more thorough cleaning.

Scrub: Use a toilet brush to clean the bowl, paying extra attention to any tough spots.

Flush: Rinse away the salt and any dislodged debris with a flush.

Repeat: Incorporate this process into your regular cleaning routine every few weeks to keep your toilet in optimal condition.

Why Your Plumber Might Keep This Secret

You may wonder why this handy tip isn't more widely known or recommended by professionals. Here's why:

Job Security: Plumbers depend on repair and maintenance work for their livelihood. DIY solutions like using salt could potentially diminish their customer base.

Professional Expertise Required: Not all plumbing problems can be solved with salt; some situations necessitate professional intervention.

Liability Concerns: Plumbers might hesitate to recommend at-home remedies to avoid accountability for any potential mishaps.

Before you reach out to a plumber for a minor toilet trouble, consider giving table salt a try. It's a straightforward, cost-effective, and green solution that could effortlessly solve your problem and keep your toilet running smoothly.