How to Clean Your Front Loader Washing Machine


Upon completing the cleaning cycle and wiping away any residual moisture with a soft cloth, you can consider your washer cleaned!

maintaining a clean washing machine
For cleaning the gasket, I prefer using a sponge. For this step in freshening up my smelly front-loading washing machine, I dampen the sponge with a bit of vinegar and scrub relentlessly.

During this process, you might need to rinse your sponge and reapply vinegar a few times to remove all the grime, particularly if you have a pet that sheds a lot of hair!

maintaining a clean washing machine
This step can be carried out daily, but it's also crucial during your monthly washing machine cleaning. It's important not only to clean the inside but also to focus on wiping down the exterior. By wiping down the interior-facing glass of the door, you're removing moisture that could potentially be trapped inside a closed washer for days.

maintaining a clean washing machine
The final step is the most crucial one, and it's quite simple: leave the door open. You should do this not only after your monthly cleaning but after every washing cycle as well.

By keeping the door open after each wash, you allow the moisture to evaporate quickly, which helps prevent those unpleasant smells from returning.