Farmer’s Casserole


There's nothing quite like waking up to the aroma of a hearty breakfast. The Farmer’s Casserole is just the dish to set the tone for a memorable morning. This delightful blend of creamy potatoes, savory ham, aromatic onions, and melted cheese is sure to tantalize your taste buds. The first time I tasted this dish was during a Thanksgiving visit from my parents. The magic of this casserole was evident when we all clamored for seconds the morning they made it. The best part? You can prepare it the evening before, ensuring a stress-free morning, especially on special occasions like Christmas.

The morning moments are my favorite. Preparing this casserole on Christmas means I can immerse myself in the joy of watching my children unwrap their presents, relishing every second of the festive wonder.

Memories like these are cherished deeply. Just like the evening when we revisited my wedding videos. A trip down memory lane, we watched our younger selves in those special moments, with our children thoroughly engrossed, seeing their parents on their big day. Nostalgia mixed with gratitude, I'm constantly reminded of the blessings in my life - my loving spouse, our wonderful kids, our extended family, dear friends, and the beautiful life we've built in Arizona.

Farmer's Casserole Recipe


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